Curse Of Existence LP (Marbled)

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Miss May I - Curse Of Existence LP (Marbled)


MISS MAY I celebrates over a decade of savage metalcore and soaring melody, revitalized and poised for another insurgent renaissance. They remain armed with unmistakable power, road-hardened experience, a steadily building catalog, and an unrelenting spirit, supported by a diehard community.

Produced by Will Putney (A Day To Remember, The Amity Affliction, Every Time I Die), „Curse of Existence“ is the sound of five people prying victory from the jaws of defeat. Unbroken by isolation, fearless in the face of fear, MISS MAY I wrestle with demons real and imagined all over the album. They remain unconcerned with commercial aspirations, summoning the most potent songs of their career without sacrificing the heavy hooks that punctuated 2017’s colossal Shadows Inside.


  1. A Smile That Does Not Exist
  2. Earth Shaker
  3. Bleed Together
  4. Into Oblivion
  5. Hollow Vessel
  6. Free Fall
  7. Born Destroyers
  8. Unconquered
  9. Savior To Self
  10. Bloodshed

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