Totally Unicorn

Dream Life LP (Black Vinyl)

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Totally Unicorn - Dream Life LP (Black Vinyl)


  1. Old, Cute & Purified
  2. Welcome To Slugtown
  3. April 29 Brothers
  4. Glow of the Wine Teeth
  5. You Smell Like A Trophy
  6. Customer Service Station
  7. Borrow
  8. Part Time Model
  9. Space Congratulations
  10. Convict Brick feat. Karina Otomo
  11. Dream Life


    It's six years later and nothing has changed for Totally Unicorn: They're still hungover, still overweight, and still ready to party.

    Totally Unicorn went into a hibernation, writing more than 30 song skeletons of angst and anxiety-driven, booze and medication-fueled power-hits. 

    After extensive pre-production, and a continual rewriting and re-working process in the studio and at home, just 10 songs remained - each one of them greater than the last.

    'Dream Life' features collaboration with Karina Utamo of 'High Tension', Robert Smith of 'Heavy Heavy Low Low', Tim Carr [producer], Tim McMahon [former member]