Easter LP (Black)

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These Arms Are Snakes – Easter LP (Black)

These Arms Are Snakes second full length for Jade Tree finds the Seattle foursome towing a proverbial line between paradox, hostility and a caustic blend of post-hard/math core. Retaining the definitive tension and angular force of earlier These Arms Are Snakes efforts, Easter is the year-long culmination of a more structured yet experimental song writing process for the band. Recorded at Red Room Recording in Seattle by These Arms Are Snakes’ drummer Chris Common, Easter explores the relationship between suspect animism, impending otherworldly doom and the ethereal battle between virtue and ruin. More than anything from These Arms Are Snakes’ back catalog, Easter was meant to hurt you. New vinyl reissued for the first time since 2008!

LP Track Listing
  1. Mescaline Eyes
  2. Horse Girl
  3. Subtle Body
  4. Desert Ghost
  5. Child Chicken Play
  6. Hell’s Bank Notes
  7. Abracadabraca
  8. Deer Lodge
  9. Lady North
  10. Perpetual Bris
  11. Coporeal
  12. Crazy Woman Dirty Train