First Time Really Feeling CD

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Liz Stringer - First Time Really Feeling CD

Liz Stringer will release her sixth studio album—First Time Really Feeling—on April 30th, a ten-song collection documenting a recent reckoning and metamorphosis for the acclaimed Australian singer-songwriter.

Recorded at Toronto’s Union Sound Company and produced and engineered by Chris Stringer (no relation to Liz, and known for his work with Timber Timbre and the Rheostatics), this will no doubt be regarded as Stringer’s seminal work and her most searingly personal: a musical time-capsule of love, loss and legacy, profound change and her recent path to self-acceptance.

Beloved equally for her rock stylings, knee-buckling ballads and a world-class lyrical and story-telling prowess that sees her write affectingly from a staggering range of perspectives, First Time Really Feeling showcases Stringer at the top of her game. Emotional, unflinching, expansive and revealing—this album is unmistakably Australian music at its finest, and is, without question, Liz Stringer at her best.  


  1. First Time Really Feeling
  2. Dangerous
  3. Big City
  4. The Waning Of The Sun
  5. Victoria
  6. The Metrologist
  7. The Things That I Now Know
  8. Little Fears, Little Loves
  9. No Parting Words
  10. My History