For You CD

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Track List:
1. My Blood
2. Chaine Maile
3. Oyster
4. Lions Heart
5. What I Know
6. All I Think About
7. Milk
8. Party Time is Scary
9. Recognise
10. Do the Right Thing

For You is the debut album from Melbourne duo Oscar + Martin.

With heavy hitting hip-hop drum patterns, wonky baselines and killer RnB hooks, For You is a love note for broken hearts, for dancers, and for lovers of music. These are songs about youth, vulnerability, and power.

Produced by the duo (Oscar Slorach-Thorn and Martin King) with help from the Nick Huggins, the album draws on diverse recording techniques including Oscar’s experimentation with tape loops and sub bass. It’s an album wonderfully suited to both radio and headphones, making perfect sense in completely different sonic territories. For You is a collection of crafted pop songs that draw on hip hop, modern RnB, malt shop and left of centre pop.