Get Loud LP (Picture Disc)

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Agnostic Front - Get Loud LP (Picture Disc)


  1. Spray Painted Walls
  2. Anti-Social
  3. Get Loud!
  4. Conquer And Divide
  5. I Remember
  6. Dead Silence
  7. AF Stomp
  8. Urban Decay
  9. Snitches Get Stitches
  10. Isolated
  11. In My Blood
  12. Attention
  13. Pull The Trigger
  14. Devastated

Get Loud! is compiled of 14 tracks that are nothing short of classic, home grown, New York Hardcore, but still includes some thrashy and punky variety.

The title track carries a common message for the entire album. It's a moody and riveting version of "speak up, aren't you sick of the same day to day routine?

It's time to make that change and stop climbing up that same exact wall. That's what Get Loud! is all about." says Miret.