Get This In Ya LP (Clear w/ Orange Splatter Vinyl)

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The Chats - Get This In Ya LP (Clear w/ Orange Splatter)


  1. Smoko
  2. Nambored
  3. How Many Do You Do
  4. Bus Money
  5. Casualty
  6. Nazi March
  7. Temperature

Self-proclaimed shed-rock band The Chats were thrust into the spotlight when their song "Smoko" and its accompanying video went viral.

Josh Price (guitar), Matt Boggis (drums), and Eamon Sandwith (bass, vocals) founded the band in 2016 on Australia's Sunshine Coast, Queensland, in high school. The trio cited the Sex Pistols, Ramones, and Black Flag as early influences, and the classically scrappy D.I.Y. sound of punk could be heard across their self-titled debut EP, which appeared in 2016.

But it would be their follow-up EP, Get This in Ya, that garnered the band attention with the catchy lead single "Smoko" in 2017. The Chats filmed a low-budget video for the song at Peregian Beach, Sandwith's house, and a construction site nearby. The clip was later posted on a surf store's social media page where it really took flight, racking up millions of views over the internet and bringing the band world-wide fame.

Originally independently released in 2018.