Goths (Black) 2LP

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The Mountain Goats - Goths (Black) 2LP

'Goths' was recorded at Blackbird Studios, Nashville; produced by Brandon Eggleston; and mixed byScott Solter.

Woodwinds arranged and played by Matt Douglas. The Mountain Goats are John Darnielle, Peter Hughes, Jon Wurster, and Matt Douglas and are gothic for life.
Track List:

  1. Rain in Soho
  2. Andrew Eldritch is Moving Back to Leeds
  3. The Grey King and the Silver Flame Attunement
  4. We Do It Different On the West Coast
  5. Unicorn Tolerance
  6. Stench of the Unburied
  7. Wear Black
  8. Paid in Cocaine
  9. Rage of Travers
  10. Shelved
  11. For the Portuguese Goth Metal Bands
  12. Abandoned Flesh