Gravity and Grace LP

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Love Equals Death - Gravity and Grace LP

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Love Equals Death was founded in the depths of California, fittingly on Halloween to create a band that mixes Horror Punk with Skate Punk. The first Love Equals Death album Nighmerica was release by Fat Wreck chords and had the trio around Chon Travis tour with bands like AFI and Tiger Army all around the globe.

After releasing a split record with their buddies The Static Age and a B-sides compilation - both on SBÄM records - they are now ready to unleash their brand new album "Gravity and Grace" on July 17.


Track List:

  1. A Tale Of Two Storms
  2. Law Of One
  3. Hollywood Ghost
  4. Adolescent Heart
  5. Saliendo In Crastinum
  6. Suburban Nightmare
  7. A Sequence Of Arcs
  8. Gravity And Grace
  9. The Letter
  10. 3420


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