Green Star CD

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Pears - Green Star CD

Release Date: April 1, 2016

After spending the better part of two years turning the hardcore scene on its ear, PEARS continue along the warpath with their anticipated follow up full-length Green Star. The antithesis of a sophomore slump, Green Star sees PEARS take their audacious songwriting approach to a whole new level. The shit’s crazy!

Track List
1: Christmas ‘91
2: Hinged by Spine
3: Cumshots
4: I Love My Kennel
5: Anhedonia
6: The Flu
7: Green Star
8: Bug Aware
9: Partridge
10: Dizzy Is Drunk
11: Snowflake
12: Cloverleaf
13: The Tile of St. Stewart
14: Doorbell
15: Jump the Fuckin’ Ship
16: Great Mt. Ida