Idyllwild CD

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 Mia Dyson - Idyllwild CD (2014)

  1. Idyllwild 03:02 
  2. Growing Up 05:29 
  3. When We're Older 03:17 
  4. That Sugar 03:27 
  5. Any 3 Chords 05:38 
  6. Made From The Same Clay 04:42 
  7. She Can't Take The World 03:01 
  8. Want You There 05:04 
  9. Mama Was 04:06 
  10. Crazy Horse 03:51 
  11. Based On Your Eyes 04:43
'Idyllwild' is an album about following songs wherever they may lead, about trusting the process to allow 'what’s next' to reveal itself. Recorded in the winter of 2013 and released in 2014, 'Idyllwild' earned Dyson the award Artist of the Year from Double J radio at the J awards in Australia and was her first album to chart in the top 100 on the CMJ radio chart in the US. 

"Idyllwild is a cohesive 11 tracks of authentic, roots-rock brilliance. If 2012′s The Moment was Dyson’s career-defining reinvention, Idyllwild is the proof that she can improve upon that record’s strong foundation."(Featured Album) – Double J