In This Mess LP

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toy Guitar - In This Mess LP

Release Date: Jan 27, 2015

In This Mess is toyGuitar’s first full-length and first release on Fat. From the Bowie-esque twinge of “Human Hyenas”, to an attitude reminiscent of The Stooges on “In My Head”, to the hypnotic vibe of “Roller Coasters”, every track on In This Mess offers something unique without ever losing the album’s pervasive jolt of energy.

Track List
1: Human Hyenas
2: When It Was Over
3: Is It True?
4: I’m in My Head
5: In This Mess
6: Static Attraction
7: Let’s Talk in the Shower
8: Sliver of Sun
9: On a Wire
10: Until I Find You
11: Roller Coasters
12: Loose in a Room