Le Piano EP (Royal Blue)

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Donny Benet - Le Piano EP (Royal Blue)


  1. Le Piano
  2. Cappuccino
  3. Forgotten Spring
  4. Passenger

“I wanted to create a short EP of instrumentals reflective of the music that has helped me navigate touring life, and life at home for the past year. For me I really enjoy the headspace that instrumental music can put you in - you can listen to it in any environment with any degree of commitment. It can be something you listen to on the train, plane, something to have on while you're doing your chores, working from home, working out or just something to bop along to.  As mentioned in past interviews I'm very taken by Japanese artists Hiroshi Yoshimura, Yoshio Suzuki and Ryuichi Sakamoto. Side B of the record is influenced by the effect that these artists have had on my musical approach. Side A is a tip of the hat my love of 12' funk/city pop/disco instrumentals.” - Donny Benet

Limited Edition 12" Vinyl in Royal Blue. Please note, colour in this mock up may differ to actual product colour.

Released April 1, 2022