Sick Of It All

Life On The Ropes CD

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For their third Fat full length SOIA deliver 16 songs of brutal hardcore that’ll have you up against da ropes. And on top of the thundering rock, there’s even an amazing guest vocal appearance by Cro-Mags frontman John Joseph. As if these warriors needed anymore cred!

Track List
  1. Relentless 
  2. All My Blessings 
  3. The Land Increases 
  4. Paper Tiger (Fakin’ The Punk) 
  5. The Innocent 
  6. Silence 
  7. For Now 
  8. View From The Surface 
  9. Going All Out 
  10. Rewind 
  11. Shit Sandwich 
  12. Butting Heads 
  13. Take Control 
  14. Kept In Check 
  15. On The Brink 
  16. Trenches