More Betterness CD

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No Use For A Name’s fourth FAT album is so good, the only thing they could think to call it is More Betterness. Actually, they came up with about a hundred other titles, but they were stinky. The songs on this album are amazing!

Track List

  1. Not Your Savior 
  2. Life Size Mirror 
  3. Chasing Rainbows 
  4. Lies Can’t Pretend 
  5. Why Doesn’t Anybody Like Me? 
  6. Sleeping In 
  7. Fairytale Of New York 
  8. Pride 
  9. Always Carrie
  10. Let It Slide 
  11. Six Degrees From Misty 
  12. Coming Too Close 
  13. Saddest Song 
  14. Room 19

Release Date: OCTOBER 05, 1999