Most Useless Songs LP (Black)

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Useless ID - Most Useless Songs LP (Black)

A career-spanning greatest hits, Most Useless Songs, reaches as far back as the 1999 Fat Wreck Chords compilation Short Music For Short People (“Too Bad You Don’t Get It”), but otherwise draws from the band’s 2000s output, such as No Vacation from the World (2003), Redemption (2005), The Lost Broken Bones (2008), Symptoms (2012), and State is Burning (2016). 

  1. State of Fear
  2. Isolate Me
  3. Night Shift
  4. It's Alright
  5. How to Dismantle an Atom Bomb
  6. Turn up the Stereo
  7. Jukebox 86
  8. Too Bad You Don't Get It
  9. Symptoms
  10. Night Stalker
  11. Dying Love
  12. At Least I Tried
  13. New Misery
  14. State Is Burning
  15. Same Old Revolution
  16. Into the Exquisite