Ned Collette Over The Stones Under The Stars CD

Over The Stones Under The Stars CD

Track List:
1. The Idealist 03:59
2. All The Signs 06:25
3. Your Golden Heart 05:40
4. Come Clean 05:10
5. Mr Day 04:44
6. Aspect 06:29
7. Why We Can Be Apart 04:58
8. Polly Angel 05:19
9. I Had A Love 05:34
10. One Evening, In The Middle Of The Road... 05:56

Released 2009.

Over The Stones, Under The Stars, is an album purposefully stripped of the orchestration that marked previous releases, conveying more of the fiery live experience of this unique band, forged from the last two years of performing around the world. Ned also adds piano, organ and mellotron to his usual axe slinging.