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Track List:

1. Astronauts
2. Cartoon Shoes
3. Low Dan
4. Twelve Ten
5. MB Hugcase
6. Autumn
7. W. Hillier
8. Tennis Players
9. Sushi
10. Plum

Released 2010.

Featuring the singles Sushi and Astronauts, Otouto’s debut album Pip is full of jangly guitars, distorted drums, home-made synthesisers and joyful harmonies. Hazel Brown, Martha Brown and Kishore Ryan will arrest you with their unique take on pop music keeping you warm this winter and beyond.

    “Introducing Otouto - your new favourite band. Pip is an eloquent, stunning debut from a band on the cusp of greatness. Otouto and their minimalist sound will take your breath away with the striking simplicity and beauty behind the music”- Kathryn Mahina The Dwarf

    “The gorgeous, crystal voices of Hazel and Martha Brown are the cornerstone of Melbourne trio Otouto's charm. The sisters have two of the loveliest sets of vocal chords in Melbourne...combined with the drumming arsenal of Kishore Ryan (also of Kid Sam and Seagull), it's a charming combination. There are some lovely noises on this album, some beautiful instrumentation, and the vocals are a delight” - Kate Kingsmill, Inpress