Sunbeam Sound Machine

Possum LP (Baby Pink)

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Sunbeam Sound Machine - Possum LP (Baby Pink)

With the release of third album Possum, Sunbeam Sound Machine engages a new phase of

creativity: a phase marked by vibrancy and a desire to embrace new attitudes regarding his

approach to music.  Across his career, Sunbeam Sound Machine - the project of Melbourne-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Nick Sowersby - has evolved a unique sonic landscape that has been lauded for its blend of beauty and melancholy, and its embrace of expansive arrangements and ideas. Since debut album Wonderer introduced the project back in 2014, Sunbeam Sound

Machine has beautifully resonated with audiences in Australia and abroad; particularly in the

United States, his most successful territory.  Possum is 12 tracks of pure confidence and energy channelled through shimmering synths, rich rhythms and guitar work that buoy Sowersby’s captivating vocals.  This is music that can evoke the best memories for fans of POND, Toro Y Moi or even St. Vincent.

Track List:

  1. Timing Is Everything
  2. Mutual Life
  3. Is It Possible
  4. Cease Fire
  5. V
  6. I Promise That I’ll Try To Give You All My Love
  7. Two Summers
  8. Easy
  9. Worst Kept Secret
  10. Song about You (faet. Poppongene)
  11. Paradise
  12. Near Memory