Magic Dirt - Signs of Satanic Youth LP (Blue w/ Yellow Splatter)

Signs of Satanic Youth 12" (Blue w/Yellow Splatter)

Magic Dirt - Signs of Satanic Youth 12" (Blue w/Yellow Splatter)

2018 Repress - features all tracks from the original CD format with an edited version of the 37 minute drone piece “untitled”. All songs have been remastered and the LP comes with access digitally to both remastered and original tracks with the full 'untitled' song. 

Pressing of 500


  1. Eat Your Blud 
  2. Supertear 
  3. Touch That Space 
  4. Choker 
  5. Redhead 
  6. Untitled 

Digital download files (320kbps MP3 files) will be available as an emailed link shortly after purchase.