The Rumjacks

Split EP (Black)

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The Rumjacks / Flafoot 56 - Split EP (Black)

Celtic-Punk bands The Rumjacks and Flatfoot 56 (Chicago, USA) have come together for an old-fashioned ‘Split EP’ taking 3 songs a piece on this new record!

 This very special Split EP release will come out on May 6th, 2022. 

 Since the beginning of recordings being pressed onto vinyl wax, bands have been coming together in pairs and choosing either Side A, or Side B to release their new songs. In this case The Rumjacks get Side A, and Flatfoot 56 get Side B. 

Track List:


  1. Whitecaps             
  2. Fifth Ward Firestorm            
  3. What Was Your Name in the States?               


  1. Mud        
  2. Sorry      
  3. Trouble 

Cover image was taken in 1979 in Derry, Northern Ireland.

Ten years after the arrival of British troops in the province.

The barricades are once more dividing Catholics and Protestants in areas of Belfast and Londonderry.

Children eating their ice creams while soldiers patrol the streets.

© Peter Marlow