Dorsal Fins - Star Of The Show LP (Black)

Star Of The Show LP (Black)

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Dorsal Fins - Star Of The Show LP (Black)

Track list:

  1. Star of the Show
  2. Sugar
  3. Sister
  4. S.O.S (Stick of Sage)
  5. More than a Memory 
  6. Who Wants to be a Billionaire?
  7. Criminal 
  8. Star of the Show (Reprise)
  9. Midnite Blue

After marking their return with the release of their syrupy bop 'Sugar' last year, Melbourne’s cult pop-mystiques Dorsal Fins today announce their long-awaited third album Star of the Show out Friday 13 May via Dot Dash Recordings / Remote Control.  Star of the Show is the group's first record in seven years, peeling back from a cast of nine mates to a record made by the band's songwriting trinity - Liam McGorry (Ex-Olympian, Saskwatch),, and co-vocalists Ella Thompson  (GL)  & Jarrad Brown Brown (Eagle and the Worm). A reimagining that spanned a year of Sundays, Star of the Show allows their funky, soulful roots to come through and collide with some "more jangly" flavours in true eclectic ‘Fins form. The self-referential album title Star of the Show is a tongue-in-cheek nod to the truly collaborative nature of the record. Rising from an alt-pop aquatic dream from the Hope/Ovens Street studio mile of Brunswick, Dorsal Fins plunged into the scene in 2015 and have since ventured into a surreal & constantly evolving sound that is all their own. 2015's debut record Mind Renovation was triple j Feature Album on release and their follow-up second album Digital Zodiac followed swiftly in 2016. With luscious songwriting and twin-flame co-vocalists at the helm, it is no surprise that Dorsal Fins quickly earned a reputation for experimental, energetic & immense live shows around the country.


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