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Super Wiggles CD

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The Wiggles - Super Wiggles CD

Calling all Superheroes!

Join Anthony, Lachie, Simon and Tsehay as they join forces with the 'Fruit Salad TV' Wiggles; Evie, Kelly, Caterina, and John, to celebrate the everyday heroes in our community. 

Featuring over 20 brand new songs, Super Wiggles showcases the newest members of Wiggles Town in catchy new tunes.

Plus we meet new friends such as the wonderful Super Granny; Super Ballet Man, Chengwu; and the multi-talented Paloma the Mermaid.

The Super Wiggles remind us that not all heroes wear capes and that superheroes are everywhere. Who knows, you may even be one too! 

  1. Meet The Wiggles               
  2. Sing Together      
  3. Sunflower Power 
  4. The Friendship Song          
  5. Bok the Super Puppet        
  6. Big Strong John   
  7. Hooray for Teachers           
  8. Super Soup          
  9. Boom! Boom! Boom! You're a Superhero      
  10. Lollipop Person   
  11. Choppy Corker    
  12. Unicorn March     
  13. Put Your Life Vest On        
  14. Super Ballet Man
  15. Rocket Girl           
  16. Super Granny      
  17. Hey, Tsehay         
  18. The Garbage Truck Song  
  19. Mermaid Kisses   
  20. The Scrubbing Song