The Hour Of Resurrection LP (Splatter Vinyl)

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Love Equals Death - The Hour Of Resurrection LP (Splatter Vinyl)

  1. V.O.C
  2. Frantic
  3. At War
  4. Sonora
  5. 90 Miles
  6. The Broadcast
  7. Caught in A Trap
  8. The Outsiders
  9. The Ballad Of Johnny Loveless
  10. Contradiction Overload
  11. Dammit, Janet

Love Equals Death are currently in the studio recording a brand new album for SBÄM scheduled for release in 2022 but while we impatiently wait for new material lets dive into the early days / Pre-Fat era of Love Equals Death.

The hour of resurrection is a collection of Death-Punk classics – containing 2 Eps that have previously only been available on CD format.
It includes 4 Notes on a Dying scale (2003), The Hucklepuck EP (2005) and has been remastered by Jack Shirley (Deafhaven, Jeff Rosenstock, Joyce Manor) at the atomic garden Recording studios.