Future Of The Left The Plot Against Common Sense CD

The Plot Against Common Sense CD

Track List:

Sheena Is A T-shirt Salesman 2:07
Failed Olympic Bid 3:13
Beneath The Waves On Ocean 3:46
Cosmo's Ladder 2:33
City Of Exploded Children 4:09
Goals In Slow Motion 3:10
Camp Cappuccino 2:47
Polymers Are Forever 4:06
Robocop 4 - Fuck Off Robocop 2:52
Sorry Dad I Was Late For The Riots 3:07
I Am The Least Of Your Problems 2:32
Guide To Men 3:53
Anchor 3:11
Rubber Animals 1:53
Notes On Achieving Orbit 6:21 

Released 2012.