Freya Josephine Hollick

The Real World LP (Pale Pink)

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Freya Josephine Hollick - The Real World LP (Pale Pink)

Vinyl - Very Limited to 100

The Real World, the brand new long-player from Australian cosmic country outlier Freya

Josephine Hollick has been a hard time coming. During the wait, The Real World that Freya had written about faced dire challenges. The very real effects of the dying planet began to impact heavily upon humanity and the planet was plunged into pandemic chaos. The resulting satellite of dense karma cast an undeniable tidal pull over her 3rd full-length album, a record that had unfolded in the desert with a future so clear, was now going to have to be fought for.


  1. Nobody’s No Better Than No One
  2. Impossible To Love
  3. Me and Mine
  4. Vivian June Dolly and Jolene
  5. The Real World
  6. Holdin On To The Ones You Love
  7. Wilderness Tune
  8. Spend Your Christmas With Rita
  9. What A Tender Thing