The Sky's Gone Out LP (Violet Vinyl)

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Bauhaus - The Sky's Gone Out LP (Violet Vinyl)


  1. Third Uncle
  2. Silent Hedges
  3. In The Night
  4. Swing The Heartache
  5. Spirit
  6. The Three Shadows Part I
  7. The Three Shadows Part II
  8. The Three Shadows Part III
  9. All We Ever Wanted Was Everything
  10. Exquisite Corpse

    Celebrating the 40th anniversary of legendary post-punk group Bauhaus, Beggars pull the crypt door wide open with this deluxe reissue of the group's third album The Sky's Gone Out. Originally released in 1982, The Sky's Gone Out dragged punk over to the darkside of goth-glam with its ghoulish croons, eerie minimalism and cold sharp razor riffs that are said to be inspired by extended sessions listening to Judas Priest. Elsewhere they sunk their fangs into dub, reggae, even Tchaikovsky, all in an attempt to express the darker side of the group's collective psyche. The Sky's Gone Out managed to eclipse all the doom and gloom of the group's contemporaries moving within the murk of early 80's post-punk. If you are new to the cold waters of Bauhaus, then we'd say to make sure this is the perfect place to drop in.