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Mudfight - Time For Revolution LP

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The punk rock scene is getting older and older ... this is not only the logical consequence of a natural process - no, somehow punk newcomers seem to have a harder time being heard on European and international stages these days. So: It's time for a revolution! With this declaration, Mudfight from Upper Austria jump into the moshpit and stir up the always same old-men-line-ups!

However, the early twenty-somethings are by no means solely driven by youthful recklessness: Max, Alex, Oliver, Leo and Dominiklearned early from their musical heroes and are tackling the revolution of punk rock extremely skillfully, despite their young age. As diligent songwriters, accomplished lyricists and perfectionist instrumentalists, the five know exactly what's important. They take the pop-punk of the 90s and 2000s out of the somewhat dusty garage, combine it with elements of funk, metalcore, pop-rock and grunge, and present the tried and true in a fresh new guise. So to say: Dookie or All Killer No Filler for the new millennium, but with countless unique selling points, that shake up an entire scene freshly and full of verve. At the same time, Mudfight never lose sight of the really big stages and work meticulously on a punk career that combines the values of the past with themes and wokeness of the 21st century ... from heartbreak to leaving one's comfort zone and a humanitarian wake-up call to said revolution in punk, it's all here!

No wonder that SBÄM Records got the newcomers on the roster just in time before their big breakthrough. This is also where their debut album will be released in 2022, which will really set said revolution in motion and, above all, make the youth-/subculture, which punk once was, actually youthful again! Not for nothing the record is called Time For Revolution - see what they, did there?! Mudfight are supported by none other than Jason Livermore, who does the mastering in the famous Blasting Room, and Brenna Red from The Last Gang, who contributes her grandiose voice to a duet.

Track List:

  1. Time To Shine
  2. Another Boy
  3. Baby! Hey!
  4. Revolution! Rock’n’Roll feat. Brenna Red
  5. Rebels To The Top
  6. Over My Shadow
  7. No Stopping Me
  8. Humanity
  9. Buried Future
  10. Nothing Left


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