Travelling Without Moving Vinyl (25th Anniversary Yellow)

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Jamiroquai - Travelling Without Moving Vinyl (25th Anniversary Yellow)

The biggest selling funk album of all time, Travelling Without Moving, Jamiroquai’s third studio album marked a noticeable shift in the band’s sound to a more upbeat outlook with dancier grooves and bigger hooks; as a result, Travelling Without Moving left an indelible mark on the musical landscape, cementing Jamiroquai’s position as a global sensation. Featuring some of the band’s most recognizable singles “Virtual Insanity” & “Cosmic Girl” the album has sold more than 8 million copies worldwide. This 2LP 25th anniversary release is pressed on 180gram yellow coloured vinyl and includes the Dimitri From Paris Radio Edit Remix of Cosmic Girl as a bonus track. Packaging includes an updated sleeve with foil accents and new liner notes by Jay Kay plus download code for the album.

PACKAGING/SPECIAL FEATURES: 2LP yellow vinyl, 180gram, updated sleeve with foil accents, new liner notes by Jay Kay download code for the album.



  1. Virtual Insanity
  2. Cosmic Girl
  3. Use The Force
  4. Everyday


  1. Alright
  2. High Times
  3. Drifting Along
  4. Didjerama


  1. Didjital Vibrations
  2. Travelling Without Moving
  3. You Are My Love
  4. Spend A Lifetime


  1. Do You Know Where You’re Coming From
  2. Funktion (Ruff Mix)
  3. Cosmic Girl (Dimitri From Paris Remix Radio Edit)