Wasted Mind CD

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Direct Hit - Wasted Mind CD

Release Date: June 24, 2016

Wasted Mind: a 12-track concept album inspired by the warped sensibilities of such savage works as Burroughs’ Naked Lunch and Thompson’s Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas. Musically it delivers on everything Direct Hit fans have come to expect: clever lyrical content, catchy hook-laden riffs, and driving pop-punk anthems.

Track List
1: A Message To Young People
2: Artificial Confidence
3: Forced To Sleep
4: Paid in Brains
5: Promised Land
6: Hospital For Heroes
7: Was It the Acid?
8: Another Dimension
9: Bleach Music
10: Infinite Pills, Infinite Alcohol
11: Villain Alcoholic
12: Do the Sick