Water And Dust LP (Black)

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William Crighton - Water And Dust LP (Black)

Track Listing 

  1. Water and Dust
  2. Your Country
  3. Killara
  4. Keep Facing the Sunshine
  5. The Wheel
  6. This is Magic
  7. Stand
  8. After All (Good World)
  9. Lost Without You

    Hailing from the Riverina in Wiradjuri Country William Crighton William Crighton has quickly established himself as one of Australia’s foremost contemporary songsmiths.  

    The album Water and Dust is a musical exploration that travels deep into the heart of Australia. The terrain, the people, the raw beauty, the danger, the echoes of the past and the hopes for the future, it’s all there. In this music, the country feels so close you can almost taste it.