John K Samson Winter Wheat 2LP
John K Samson
Winter Wheat 2LP (Black)
Winter Wheat 2xLP

Track List
  1. Select All Delete
  2. Postdoc Blues
  3. Winter Wheat<
  4. Requests
  5. Oldest Oak at Brookside
  6. Capital
  7. 17th Street Treatment Centre
  8. Vampire Alberta Blues
  9. Carrie Ends the Call
  10. Fellow Traveller
  11. Quiz Night at Looky Lou’s
  12. Alpha Adept
  13. Prayer for Ruby Elm
  14. VPW 13 Blues
  15. Virtute at Rest

Pre-order includes an MP3 download of the single 'Postdoc Blues', available as a link on the Thank You page, after checkout.