King Krule

You Heat Me Up, You Cool Me Down CD

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King Krule - You Heat Me Up, You Cool Me Down CD

Offering fans a glimpse into 2020’s European tour that was inevitably cut short, ‘You Heat Me Up, You Cool Me Down’ features a collection of recordings from live performances of Archy’s entire discography, including tracks from the critically acclaimed ‘Man Alive!’, ‘The Ooz’ and more.


  1. Out Getting Ribs
  2. Emergency Blimp
  3. A Slide In (New Drugs)
  4. The OozSide 
  5. Cellular
  6. Stoned Again
  7. Slush Puppy
  8. Rock Bottom
  9. Comet Face
  10. Perfecto Miserable
  11. Alone, Omen 3
  12. Baby Blue
  13. Half Man Half Shark
  14. Underclass
  15. Energy Fleets
  16. Please Complete Thee
  17. Easy Easy